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Centuries ago, Cigars Mesoamerica was the only place you could find tobacco. There the Mayans cultivated tobacco for a variety of purposes. Today, thousands of cigar brands exist throughout the world in dozens of countries. The most famous cigar brands used to come directly from Cuba, but now that the U.S. – which used to be one of Cuba’s largest markets Discount Cigars – has held an embargo against Cuba for over 40 years, cigar brands have really taken off elsewhere.How to Some a Cigars
Cuba’s successor as the world’s source for cigar brands is arguably the Dominican Republic. Many of the cigar brands that used to be based in Cuba are now based in the D.R., Cigar Accessories among other countries. Politically correct versions of the famed Macanudo, Partagas, Montecristo, and Romeo y Julieta cigar brands, for example, are now based in the D.R. These cigar brands are just as great as the illegal cigar brands, if not better. Diplomat Cigars carries all of those products and more. Macanudo cigars are also made in the United States. They are a line of shade-grown cigar brands grown in Connecticut. They are known for their lighter wrappers and robust flavor.Cigar Humidors

One mistake people often make when shopping the different cigar brands Cuban Cigars is confusing brand name with cigar type. Corona, for example, is not one of the cigar brands, but a shape and size of cigar, known for its straight length, rounded head and cap, and middling size. It is a very popular type of cigar. The Presidente, Torpedo, Culebras, and Tuscanian are also not cigar brands, but types of figurados, or irregular-shaped cigars.

The number of cigar brands present at Diplomat Cigars Cigar Store is unmatched in this area of historic downtown Los Angeles. No matter what cigar brands you prefer, Tobacco Pipes we’ve got it for you. In fact, if there are any very specific cigar brands you are looking for that are not currently stored in one of our humidors, we will hunt it down and get it for you. Cigar Brands downtown Los Angeles cigars